by Vallite

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Debut EP from Vallite.

Each song on Transient deals with aspects of modern-day human interaction. Whether it’s observing how people drift away from one another, or the longing for a quiet moment in a world that moves blindingly quickly, the themes on Vallite’s debut EP are inspired by life, and life alone. A whirlwind of hope and melancholy, Transient’s overarching message is reflected in its title: life is fleeting, eternally in flux.


released May 13, 2017

Vallite Is:
Brett Oxtoby: Guitars, Programming, Production
Jared Slemp: Guitars
Trevor Nourse: Drums
David Chunn: Lead Vocals
Jeremy Price: Bass, Vocals

Additional Credits:
Sacha Laskow: Mixing and Mastering
Cory Bitner: Vocal Editing
Alex Wilkinson, Brett Oxtoby: Drum Editing
Micah Santos: Artwork

Drums recorded at Leroux Music Studios. Everything else recorded in bedrooms in/around Calgary, Alberta.



all rights reserved


Vallite Calgary, Alberta

Incorporating influences spanning multiple genres to form a sound that's big and complex, yet accessible.

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Track Name: Monochrome
Everyone around me
Seems they’re living lives of colour
But all I see around me
Is never-ending grey
Unchanging landscapes
What am I searching for?

All that this could ever be
Was just a dream, just a dream

The colours blur and fade
Blind to the path ahead
Or perhaps it’s simply tunnel vision
Unchanging landscapes
Haze obscures the sight

I cling to tenderness
It slips out of my grasp
All that this could ever be
Was just a dream, just a dream

Forgive me
It was never my intent
To hold you under
Under the water
I dared to hope
And for ten days I was free

Struggle towards illusions of bliss
Perhaps the others we see
Are just the same
Just the same
Track Name: Validation
You’ve built me up
To more than I could ever hope to be
Balance passion and obligation
A gateway to validation

What if I cannot live up
To these expectations
The pressure rises even as I ascend
I am shown endless ladders
But one misstep could see
Them all turn on me

Stepping across the tightrope
We all must learn to walk alone
A world full of open doors
(And in the end) I can choose only one

Who can I trust?

Track Name: A Glance Behind
Of those at your side today
Who will be there tomorrow?
People go their separate ways
Without a second thought

It seems I’m taking a glance behind me
Not of regret, but of reflection
The faces change
As we make yet another turn


As we gain an understanding
Of exactly what we need
We forge the bonds that lift us
Erase toxicity

So transient, the ties that bind us
All whom I know are memories
I can barely recall the faces
As they come and go
Faster, faster than I can follow
Track Name: Breath of Life
Look beyond the present
Find the silver lining
Without perseverance
The light is only blinding

A spark ignites my faded eyes
All at once I remember, like a breath of life
The story ever-changing
Through ashes I am rising

A place all too familiar
How do I keep returning here

My heart and my conscience
Trading blows once again
Carry me to new horizons, my mind is set
Life never leaves any time for regret


Future focus
Past is behind us

The story ever-changing
Through ashes I am rising
Track Name: Tranquility
Worry wears the soul
Makes wrecks of us all
Inadvertently it corrodes
All that makes us whole

Release your needless doubt

Free the mind
Paint a picture of tranquility
In a world that never stops talking
Discover a moment’s peace

Close your weary eyes
A sense of inner calm
Silver rends the storm clouds
No more raindrops fall

Release your needless doubt


Just breathe
Exhale stress
Inhale peace
Just breathe
In a life so vain
It’s better than a fantasy

Never take for granted
The glorious gift of silence